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A Force for Good: the Reachers and Teachers

By Drew Richardson The planet’s environmental health is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Looking at the innovation, initiatives and social ground swell happening on all fronts, we know we can rise to the challenge through dedication, focus, tenacity and importantly, by working on hearts and minds as well as preservation and …read more […]

Mission Blue Hope Spot: Moreton Bay, Australia

By Ocean Allison Diving beneath the surface of Moreton Bay reveals a spectacular diversity of marine habitats home to some of the most iconic tropical, subtropical, and temperate ocean species in the world. Mangrove nurseries, mud flats, seagrass beds and coral reefs can all be found within Moreton Bay, in addition to outer …read more […]

26 Scuba Pickup Lines That Never Work and One That Does

By Megan Denny Finding the mermaid or merman of your dreams can be tough. Until there’s a Tinder for divers, here are a few pickup lines you can use to attract a mate. Disclaimer: PADI is not liable for any broken masks, black eyes, or other damage incurred by using these terrible, terrible …read more […]

AWARE Week Successes and Stories

By Tara Bradley Connell As the first AWARE Week, September 15-23, came to a close, divers from all over the world came together to do their part in cleaning up our oceans, beaches, and reefs. Whether it was taking one of the Project AWARE Specialty courses such as the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty course, …read […]

How to Choose Your Next Dive Destination

By Guest Blogger Written by Lisa from Fjords and Beaches There are many reasons why you would want to consider a new destination for your next dive. Perhaps you always go diving when you travel, or maybe you’re just a little over the dive sites at home. Whatever your reasons, there are some …read more […]

The Dive Travelers: On Assignment with National Geographic

By Emily Bates What follows is possibly the best out of office message ever: Thank you for your email. I am on assignment for National Geographic, traveling the world for a year. I will respond to your message as soon as time and WiFi permits. Thank you, Carrie The out of office email …read more […]

Inspiring Change with Photojournalism

By Cathy Evans You might have seen Bianca Simonetti’s photograph of a motorbike resting underwater on our social channels last month. We were taken with the striking image and as we found out more about Bianca and her reasons for taking these images we knew the wider PADI community would be interested too, …read more […]

Lights, Camera, Action — diving famous destinations

By Guest Blogger Written by Danielle Schofield Many of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations have featured in films or TV shows, and as divers, we’re able to explore their most unique corners. If you’re a fan of the big screen, why not tick these famous locations off your scuba wish list. The …read more […]

Apply for 2019 PADI Women Scholarships

By Emily Bates To support women in diving, PADI has partnered for the second year with the Women Divers Hall of Fame™ to offer the below PADI training scholarships. The PADI training scholarships are open to women worldwide, and applicants have until October 31, 2018 midnight U.S Eastern Standard Time to submit their …read more […]

Six Ways Scuba Diving Motivates Healthy Living

By Guest Blogger Written by Laura Walton Lifestyle changes are hard! More nutritious diet? More movement in the day? We can know what we want to achieve, but getting there seems impossible at times. Changing our habits is really tough because we can often get stuck in negativity, wasting our …read more Source:: PADI News […]

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