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Creating a Hope Spot: The Art of the Possible

By Tara Bradley Connell Ever since the start of Mission Blue Hope Spots, a concept created by Dr. Sylvia Earle in her 2009 Ted Talk, the dive community has been working to protect some of their most cherished dive sites. By going beyond Marine Protected Areas, Hope Spots are areas that need protection …read more […]

Backpacking and Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

By Sarah Wormald Are you hoping to experience the backpacking adventure of a life time? Look no further than the stunning island of Koh Tao. Here you’ll find incredible diving, an unbeatable island vibe and the chance to explore further afield. If you’re hoping to travel in style, Koh Tao boasts a range …read more […]

Florida’s Shipwreck Trail Offers Some of the Best Diving in the State

By Megan Denny Whether you’re looking to earn your Wreck Diver certification, or already a certified PADI® Wreck Diver, the Florida Keys are an enticing destination. With approximately 1000 shipwrecks in and around the keys, the Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail can help divers experience some of the best wreck dives in the area. …read more […]

How to Deal with Post-Scuba Diving Vacation Blues

By Florine You’ve rinsed your scuba diving gear for the last time. Your wetsuit is dry and ready to be packed and it’s time to make your way back to the airport. I am sure you know a little too well this nostalgic feeling of having to go back to work after …read more Source:: […]

Gifts to Give the Ocean this Holiday Season

By Ocean Allison In the spirit of giving gifts to those we love and appreciate this holiday season, make sure to include the ocean on your list (since as divers, we obviously love and appreciate the big blue). Here are five gifts that divers around the globe can give to the ocean this …read more […]

Trending Scuba Diving Destinations for 2019

By Sarah Morlock If there’s one thing travelers in 2019 will lust for, it’s adventure. Certainly, adventure travel has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past several years, and scuba diving fits right into that trend. Within the scuba diving industry, 2019 will present several interesting tendencies. Solo travel, ecotourism and …read more […]

Facing a Lifelong Fear – Diving with Xenophobia

By Guest Blogger This week I faced a lifelong fear and went scuba diving with PADI in Bermuda while at the Family Travel Association summit. It was more challenging than running with the bulls (yes, seriously, I’m fleet of foot and I grew up around cattle – that test was built for me). …read more […]

Why Salalah, Oman Should be your Next Middle Eastern Dive Trip Destination

By Cathy Evans When thinking about diving in Oman it’s forgivable to think about the north as being the place to go for diving. But, head further down the coast to the southern region of Dhofar and you’ll find the hidden gem of the Omani coast; Salalah The post Why Salalah, Oman …read more Source:: […]

Top Tips for a Last Minute Getaway

By Guest Blogger Written by Lisa from Fjords and Beaches Now that winter is here, and Christmas is just around the corner, you’ve probably been too busy preparing for the holidays to think about your next trip. But once the presents are bought and wrapped, the tree is decorated and the calm after …read more […]

Are you Brave Enough to try Cold-Water Freediving? 3 Locations that’ll Tempt you In

By Guest Blogger Written by Sarah Russell Cold-water freediving, or ice diving has got to be an activity reserved only for the bravest of souls. Plunging into sub zero temperatures and exploring the icy depths may well seem like a mad idea for most, but the beauty and wonder that awaits the intrepid …read more […]

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