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Spinner Dolphins – Fun Facts About this Oceanic Acrobat

By Megan Denny Birds aren’t the only animals capable of aerial acrobatics. Spinner dolphins can leap up to 3 metres/9.8 feet out of the water and complete up to seven rotations. They can also do above-water somersaults. Why do spinner dolphins spin? Scientists aren’t sure why spinner dolphins spin. Here are some popular …read more […]

Saving Marine Species in Thailand Through Marine Rewilding

By Guest Blogger Guest article written by PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Robin Fewster Sharks used to be plentiful in Thailand’s Pattaya and Sattahip areas. From black and white tipped reef sharks to bamboo sharks, Thailand had regular shark sightings in the early years of the 21st century. Unfortunately, this soon changed as …read more […]

10 Facts About Seagrass You Probably Didn’t Know

By Emma Daffurn 1. There are around 50 different species spread all over the globe Seagrasses evolved roughly 100 million years ago from grass on land, which is why vast marine meadows can be reminiscent of our terrestrial grasslands. Often confused with seaweed (which is a relatively simple algae), seagrasses are organized into …read more […]

Can I Dive with Sharks While Menstruating?

By Guest Blogger Written by: Martina Álvarez “I have to dive and my period just came. It’s all good, right?” Let’s be honest, the addition of the hesitant question at the end really means, “A shark is not going to eat me, right?” The relationship between sharks and menstrual cycles is one …read more Source:: […]

6 Reasons You Should Dive New South Wales Year-Round

By Joelle Turton-Scheffer The state of New South Wales (NSW) sits on the east coast of Australia and is the country’s most populous state. With 2,000 km/1,234 miles of coast to explore there is a large host of dive sites and experiences to suite all levels of ability. Although many divers consider Australia …read more […]

6 Unique Marine Animals Found on Australia’s East Coast

By Brooke McConnell If you’re a diver, it’s likely you have already heard about the phenomenal diving opportunities Australia’s east coast has to offer. But did you know Australia is also home to some of the world’s most unique, endemic and curious marine species? From humpback whales to cuttlefish, sharks and seals, Australia’s …read more […]

8 Reasons to Take an Online Scuba Class

By Megan Denny Want to strengthen your brain, save money, support your favorite dive shop and level-up your scuba skills – all at the same time? When you sign up for a PADI eLearning® course, you can do all of these things simultaneously. Multi-tasking badge unlocked. For the rest of this month, all …read more […]

Local Dive Shops Come Together to Clean up Phi Phi Islands During COVID-19

By Guest Blogger Guest blog written and images provided by Andrew Hewett. On the 24 March, the Thai government declared that there would be restrictions on travel and business operations to combat the growth of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this, all businesses on the Phi Phi islands were closed and …read more […]

5 Sharks from the Deep

By Alison Hush Diving with sharks is one the most amazing experiences. They are powerful, majestic and beautiful. But what about the sharks that we as divers can’t see lurking in the depths over 304 meters (1,000 ft) below the ocean’s surface? These sharks have unique biological traits that make them seem almost …read more […]

20 Ocean Related Movies to Binge Watch

By Sarah Wormald Everyone is entitled to a binge watch from time to time and why not do it like a diver with these 20 ocean-related movies! The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) This might not be Bill Murray’s most revered movie but Wes Anderson’s story is certainly watchable. Plus, the film …read more […]

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