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Thanks to Red Sea Marine Conservation, Egypt is a Top Diving Destination

By Sarah Russell Marine-tourism is big business in Egypt, grossing 7.6 US Billion in 2018. It’s easy to understand why when it’s home to the Red Sea – one of the top (if not the best, in my opinion) diving destinations in the world. Hundreds of thousands of divers visit every year eager …read more […]

Mission Blue Hope Spot: Vatika Bay, Greece

By Ocean Allison Along the southwestern coast of Greece, Vatika Bay is home to white sandy beaches and iconic mountainous ridges. Slipping beneath the surface of the clear blue Mediterranean waters, reveals the true magic of this area. The bay is home to marine life like whales and dolphins, loggerhead sea turtles, monk …read more […]

Share Your Vision

By Drew Richardson It’s estimated that every two minutes, humanity takes more pictures than were taken in all of the 1800s. As of 2018, they say we shoot at least 1 trillion images annually – 2.7 billion daily or 1.9 million every minute, posting about 300 million daily. As amazing as these numbers …read more […]

Top 10 Dive Sites in Egypt

By Guest Blogger With an incredible diversity of diving on offer, from famous wrecks to drop offs and reefs, there’s something for everyone when diving in Egypt. We spoke to PADI Professionals, Beth Sanders and Sarah O’Gorman for their top dive site picks in this incredible diving location. Shark & Yolanda Reef – …read more […]

5 Top Scuba Diving Destinations in May

By Sarah Morlock If you’re wondering where to dive during the month of May, you’ve come to the right place. This guide highlights some of the best dive locations around the world, like diving with Dwarf Minke Whales in Australia to experiencing uncrowded dive sites in Komodo. 1. SOCORRO, MEXICO Located 250 miles …read more […]

Dolphin Echolocation – Can Humans Learn This Superpower?

By Emily Bates Dolphins use echolocation to navigate underwater and identify prey. When combined with visual input from their eyes, they can identify very small objects from a remarkable distance. Read on to learn more about echolocation and how people have applied mother nature’s technology to their inventions and everyday lives. How do …read more […]

Human in the Water: What We Do as Divers Affects Our Oceans

By Laura Walton With every drop of water we drink, and every breath we take we are physically connected to the ocean. Water flows through nature and is directed to us via human ingenuity. The carbon dioxide we exhale is converted to oxygen by the algae within corals. Our relationship …read more Source:: PADI News […]

ADEX 2019 – The 10 Best Travel Deals

By Sarah Morlock This weekend, the 25th annual ADEX dive show kicks off in Singapore. In celebration of the largest such expo in Asia, several liveaboards and dive resorts are offering amazing discounts on PADI Travel. Shop the sale now, and book soon. Just be sure to mention ADEX when making your reservation. …read more […]

Ocean Conservation Laws – Recent Successes Around the World

By Ocean Allison While there’s no doubt that individual actions towards ocean conservation have the power to make positive impacts on our blue planet, legislation passed by city, state, and national governments also has the power to create big waves. As divers, we are deeply connected to the ocean as well as acutely …read more […]

15 Incredible Underwater Photographers to Follow on Instagram

By Brooke McConnell Do you ever catch yourself just mindlessly scrolling through Instagram? – ‘Yep that’s another photo of a smoothie bowl on my feed’. Instead, why not fill your Instagram with some incredible underwater photographers that’ll keep you inspired until your next diving adventure? Here are 15 underwater photographers that’ll keep your …read more […]

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