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The life of a PADI Divemaster — roles and responsibilities

By Danielle Schofield PADI Divemaster can be the first step towards a career as a PADI Instructor, a foundation for research projects, or a way to improve your confidence. It means being a role model, and helping to teach the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that make a great diver. Teaching and diving As …read more […]

Becoming a Scuba Diver after 50 – Maria Davidts Interview

By Cathy Evans When Maria Davidts daughter started diving three years ago, it never occurred to her it might not just change her daughter’s life, but her own as well. Merel, Maria’s daughter, was inspired to start diving after her cousins became scuba divers and Mum would help with the theory side of …read more […]

Make a Splash with Rubbish Swimwear!

By Sarah Russell Gone are the days of mass-produced, saggy-bottomed swimwear that lasts a single season and then goes into landfill. Over the last few years, more and more sustainable swimwear brands have emerged to make going green not just a good choice for the environment, but best for our watery lifestyles too. …read more […]

Diving with my Advanced Open Water Diver Certification

By Lisa Stentvedt In the beginning stages of your diving journey, you may have a constant focus on the certifications you want to achieve. As someone who loves studying, learning and getting challenged, it sure was like that for me. After I started (carefully) with my Scuba Diver certification, all that was on …read more […]

Leading the Dive and Leading Divers

By Laura Walton Imagine you can see the entire dive site in front of you and there are no other divers in your field of vision as you move forwards. There are other scuba divers with you, it is just that they are a little behind you. Maybe it’s just your …read more Source:: PADI […]

5 Reasons Why Boracay, Philippines Should be Your Diving Bucket List

By Megan Denny Boracay is a small island in the Philippines known for its powdery, white sand beaches – and being off-limits to tourists during 2018. The Philippines government closed the island for six months while crews made improvements to the island’s infrastructure. Now that this beautiful island is once again welcoming visitors, …read more […]

Splurge vs. Save (On Your Scuba Diving Vacation)

By Sarah Morlock As scuba divers, we travel to dive. The two activities are perfectly suited to one another. Yet, cost is often a determining factor in where we can dive on a scuba diving vacation. Luckily, 70% of the world is ocean, giving us a lot of scope in destinations. No matter …read more […]

Diving into Ocean Science

By Ocean Allison Scuba diving is obviously an incredible way for humans to observe and explore the underwater world. For ocean scientists, scuba diving is often essential to being able to observe and study the complex dynamics found beneath the surface. Using diving for science allows for a better understanding of the ocean, …read more […]

Top 7 Jobs for Scuba Divers

By Megan Denny Born to dive but forced to work? Below are some of the top career options for scuba divers. Most, but not all, require a Divemaster or Instructor scuba certification. Become a PADI® Professional, and you’ll always have a “Plan B.” #1 Dive Guide or Dive Instructor A PADI Divemaster …read more Source:: […]

Scouts Australia Introduces Scuba Diving into Their Activity Program

By Guest Blogger Guest article written by Peter McLeod Scouts Australia provides an opportunity for young people to get out doors and experience a wide range of activities from which they can choose to seek fun, excitement and adventure. Recently the adventures offered by Scouts has expanded to include scuba diving as …read more Source:: […]

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